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Beginners RC Airplanes are Easy way to Learn Flying January 26, 2010

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You need a Beginner RC Airplane to begin your flying venture of Remote Control (RC) Airplane. The basic thing that is necessary in Beginner RC Airplanes is simplicity in controls and operations so that your initial flying experience might not get tough. There are other features and factors as well that you need to look up in your Beginner Remote Control Airplane Model. There is a wide range of beginner models available for the starters like you.

These beginner planes may vary in designs and features but they have some basic characteristics which are common amongst all. These basic common characteristics include ready to fly (RTF), electric power and one or two channel.  These characteristics make flying very easy for the beginners and also enable them to gain good control of the flying skills. One should also check for the availability of the spare parts for the selected Beginner RC Airplane because the plane will experience damage(s) due to sudden impact or crash landings sooner or later. The plane should also be selected for its flexibility and durability for example planes that are made up of foam bear shocks and impacts without experiencing the damage whereas the planes being made up of balsa wood are robust and thus, experience heavy damages.
The ready to fly (RTF) planes do not require lot of work or effort to construct or assemble them with the exception of a little basic assembling work like attaching the wings and in case of small ready to fly planes, even the wings are the integral part of the plane. But still, you have to do two things for the ready to fly plane model. First install the batteries for the radio gear that is the transmitting control unit and second charge the battery for the motor of the plane.
Beginner RC Airplane is equipped with electric motor which obviously is powered by the batteries that make them very convenient to operate, manage and maintain.  It just requires charging of the batteries, turning the power switch on and then start flying. The gas powered RC planes are complicated and expensive to buy and maintain in contrasts to the electric powered RC planes.

Firebird Phantom is a beginner RC plane with anti crash technology and 3 channel FM radio system with 1300 foot range. 180 power motor. 7-cell 300mAh battery pack

Beginner RC Airplane are slow in speed to make you familiar with the controls of the plane as slow speed gives you more time to think about which control is meant for what purpose? This way flying gets easier because your senses get familiar with the controls and thus, you are able to react more efficiently.

Slo-V is a beginner RC plane 2 channel FM transmitters and 370 motor with gear reduction. It is slow in speed and can be easily flown indoors.

Super Cub LP is Li-Po powered electric beginner RC plane with anti crash technology. It has 3 channel FM transmitters with 2500 foot range. Easy to repair and install with powerful 480 motor

It is advisable to select your beginner plane with less number of channels since less is more in this case. Channels are provided to control a certain directional movement of the plane. Two channel airplane enables you to give upward and downward, left and right movement to the plane. Three channel airplane additionally allows you to control the throttle which is used to control the speed of the plane. Four channel Remote Control Airplanes are also available which are not at all advisable for the beginners. A maximum of three channel RC plane would be more than enough for the beginner requirements.

J-3Cub is a Li-Po powered electric beginner RC plane with 370 brushless power motor. It has 3 channels.

Beginner Remote Control Airplane also comes up with anti crash technology which is a great feature meant for the beginners and especially if the beginner is a child then this is most advisable. These planes have special sensors which detect that the plane is getting out of control or is diving dangerously to crash. The planes then first beeps in such critical situations and then takes the control of the plane automatically and thus adjusts the altitude of the plane and prevents the accident from taking place. Then you may regain the control of the plane when the situation gets normal.
The following are the examples of Beginner RC Airplanes. All of the listed below planes are low in cost and are RTF.



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